What type of Chihuahua should you get?

Chihuahuas come in all shapes, colours and coat types. It can be a daunting process when you first set out to find the right up for you, but these useful hints should help you to make the right decision.

How many different types of Chihuahuas are there?

There are a few different types. Firstly, there are short-haired Chihuahuas with a very smooth coat, then there are long haired Chihuahuas. Then there are different body shapes, sizes and head shapes. Lastly there are lots of different coloured Chihuahuas – a much larger variety of colours than most dog breeds. To help you make up your mind, you could speak to some different Chihuahua breeders, or you could simply do some online research. However, the guide below should be of some help before you begin your search.

What are short-haired Chihuahuas like?

Chihuahuas with short, smooth hair are often seen as low maintenance, but he reality is they shed all year round. So, whilst you might mistakenly think these little dogs are easier to maintain, they still take a little bit of work. The good news is that the shorter coat means they will be easier to keep clean in the long run and won’t require quite so much grooming. These short haired varieties are the officially recognized variant of the breed which you’ll see most commonly in books.

What are long haired Chihuahuas like?

The long haired Chihuahua has a longer coat which surprising doesn’t shed as much as the short haired variety. However, the long fur needs to be brushed regularly in order to avoid it becoming matted and to keep it in good condition. You may need to bathe these dogs more often as they will find it harder to keep their fur free of dirt and debris.

What colours do Chihuahuas come in?

Chihuahuas come in a huge variety of colours. To find your desired colour, you will have to shop around for a specific breeder. Some of the colours you’ll find most commonly include: fawn, brindle, chocolate, black, white, sable, and tri-coloured. There is no real difference in these varieties apart from their coat colours, so it really is just a matter of personal preference.

What are Teacup Chihuahuas?

Teacup Chihuahuas aren’t a special breed; they’ve just been bred to a slightly smaller size to make them cuter and even more appealing to buyers. A lot of people don’t agree with the practice of breeding Teacups; for one thing, there is no science to it – Teacups are often just the runts of the litter that have turned out smaller by chance. So, try to avoid paying over the odds for one of these micro Chihuahuas. They may even turn out to have health problems because of their size.

What is an apple headed Chihuahua?

An apple head Chihuahua has a slightly different shaped head than it’s deer headed counterparts. The head is rounder and, as the name suggests, more “apple” shaped. The snout of these little dogs is short, but it has an abrupt 90 degree break with the rest of the face. This gives them a very endearing look that’s unique to the Chihuahua breed. In fact, this head shape is part of the breed standard and any Chihuahua that doesn’t have this dome shaped head cannot be shown in the ring.

What are deer headed Chihuahuas?

Deer heads deviate from the normal breed standard of the apple shaped head. As the name suggests, these elegant little dogs have a longer, deer-like snout that gives their head a narrower appearance. Often, these deer heads have a slimmer body shape and longer legs. This gives them a more fragile appearance to their sturdier apple headed counterparts. This makes them quite popular with Chihuahua owners and breeders. A lot of the time, these deer heads are said to have fewer health problems, perhaps because of their mixed genetic make up.

Is there such a thing as a pear headed Chihuahua?

Pear headed Chihuahuas are usually the result of a cross breeding between an apple and a deer head. They aren’t very popular, but there really is nothing different about them other than their head shape. They can sometimes be larger than other Chihuahuas.

Now that you know more about the different types of Chihuahua, it’s time to go out and find a suitable breeder. Good luck!

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