Essential items for Chihuahua owners

The Chihuahua is a special little dog, with unique characteristics. If you’re going to become the owner of one of these little dogs, you’ll need some essential items to get by. Here they are.

A harness

Harnesses are a much kinder option than having your little dog wear a lead. Leads can damage the neck whereas a harness distributes the tension throughout the body and when the dog pulls on it, there is no strain or risk of injury. So, getting a harness is the kinder and safer option for your Chihuahua.

A coat or jumper

Chihuahuas can get very cold in the winter, so it’s a good idea to invest in a little dog coat for them to wear on chillier days, especially if you live in a country where the conditions are severe. If you aren’t sure, you can take the coat with you on walks and when you see the dog beginning to shiver you can put it on him.

A lead for small dogs

Make sure your lead is made from a lightweight material to avoid hurting your dog. Metal leads are very strong but they aren’t necessary and when the dog pulls on them they will cause extra stress on the muscles and possibly damage.

Small toys

Your Chihuahua might find a lot of dog toys too big for him to pick up and carry around in his mouth. So, you’ll need to choose your toys carefully – only lightweight, small toys should be chosen that meet basic safety standards.

Carry case

Small dogs like the Chihuahua are easy to transport, but they also need to be kept safe. For example, in a moving car lots of items can fall on your dog, so it’s best to have him in a small carry cage where he will feel safe and secure. This case is also very useful for trips to the vet and for night time when your young dog can’t be supervised.

Play pen

A play pen is very useful for your Chihuahua especially for times when you’re out of the house. These little dogs can get themselves into trouble if left unattended and it’s a good idea to keep them in a safe zone when you’re out of the house. In addition, young Chihuahuas can be potty trained more easily from these pens, as they won’t usually want to soil their own resting place. The pen should have fresh water and food in it as well as some comfortable blankets to sleep on or a small dog bed.

Small dog stairs

Some Chihuahuas may find it difficult to climb onto the sofa, or into the bath. A set of dog steps can be useful for these situations, and may save them from injuring themselves if they aren’t able to climb themselves. Look out for these on specialist pet care websites or if you’re really good at DIY you can make some yourself!

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