The Chihuahua temperament: pros and cons

If you’re thinking of owning a Chihuahua, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with all the aspects of this breed’s temperament – from the desirable to the not so desirable traits. These special little dogs have a surprisingly long lifespan and taking one of them into your home is a long term commitment. Here are some useful pros and cons to know about when it comes to the Chihuahuas unique personality.

Chihuahua personality: Pros

  • Make great watchdogs
    These sometimes feisty little dogs are very good at raising the alarm if there is a suspicious stranger near your home. Just don’t expect them to fend off any intruders – they are simply too small to be intimidating!

  • Faithful and loyal
    Chihuahuas bond very closely with humans, and usually take to a specific person in the household. This means they’ll want to cuddle up to you often and will definitely want to accompany you wherever you go, if you’ll allow them to. Be careful not to leave them on their own for too long – Chihuahuas will naturally crave human company and will become very upset if left alone for long periods.

  • Free spirited
    Despite being seen as typical “lapdogs”, this breed is inquisitive, intelligent and likes to be in on all the action. He is not one to sit around all day doing nothing! Chihuahuas will seek out their own fun if they aren’t given enough stimulation so be warned. They love to play games and fetch toys, and will probably never tire of learning new things.

  • Entertaining
    These clever little dogs come with large personalities! Lots of Chihuahua owners say how entertaining and quirky their dogs can be. They are definitely a breed that will keep you on your toes.

Chihuahua personality: Cons

  • Suspicious barking
    Chihuahuas can be suspicious and protective of their owners and their property. This results in barking and yapping if they feel threatened in any way. It’s a trait you might want to train out of them with plenty of socialisation and positive reinforcement. On the other hand, if you find it handy to have a watchdog it might not bother you so much!

  • Small dog syndrome
    This is common with most small dog breeds. It becomes a problem when the dogs forget how small they are and become so brave that they challenge much larger dogs when they feel threatened or confronted by them. For this reason, it’s a good idea to fully supervise your Chihuahua in the dog park or you could find they get themselves into al sorts of trouble!

  • Difficult to house training
    Chihuahuas are strong willed little dogs and for this reason they can be notoriously difficult to house train. You’ll need to be patient and persevere. Some owners find that they need to use a litter tray in the home. Chihuahuas can easily use a kitty litter tray because they are so small.

  • Can become clingy
    One thing to watch when you get a Chihuahua is their independence. If they are too coddled and get too used to being picked up and carried everywhere, they may become spoilt and fussy. So, it’s important to allow them to be independent as often as possible so that they develop into well rounded dogs.

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