Breed Profile

Chihuahua Dogs - Chihuahua dog profile

The Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed in the world and their weight should never exceed 2.7kg (6lb). Their face is described as “saucy” in canine terminology, with its pert facial characteristics. And they have an apple-shaped head – round in all directions – with very large eyes and large ears that resemble bats’ ears. Their tail is described as a flat tail and is only found on a Chihuahua – flattish in appearance, gets slightly wider in the centre and then tapers off to a point. They can be seen in a variety of single colours and two types of coat – long and smooth. This tiny breed of dog is a perfect house pet, don’t do destruction and can be house trained easily. They don’t chew furniture, they prefer to sit on it with you.

There is also a much smaller Chihuahua referred to as the tea cup Chihuahua but this isn’t a different breed just a very small version. They are usually the runts of the litter but nonetheless still make a very good pet.

In the UK and Australian Kennel Club they are listed in the Toy Group category.